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Agar.io game

How to play agar.io

The agario is a life simulator bacteria game. by itself, the agar - nutrient medium, for example in a Petri dish.
The point of this game is survival and the mass increase and escape from larger in order to keep tops.


The controls are simple, just aim the mouse in the direction of the target movement.
Spacebar - divide yourself on 2 cells (each cell equal to the half mass of the original) and shoot towards the mouse pointer with one of the parts.
W - Feeding. You can shoot a piece of yourself in the direction of the mouse. For what? Read tactics!


Feature: bigger mass - lower speed.

Bigger mass - More time for association

You need to have 30% more mass to absorb target


Secrets of agar.io

At the beginning in agario you can divide yourself on many cells to save the speed while you increaing the mass.
Viruses (Green circles) are able to tear you on a bunch of small pieces, virus will be destroyed.
The mass is constantly decreasing. You can check it if you download multitool or set it in the settings.
Merge parts together - Wait until you would see one of your cells eats another, In than moment you can Merge your cells together, just aim the mouse between cells.

Tactics much different, I will describe a few.
Shoot with Spacebar better in 1-2 targets what will gives you more mass
Using W you can feed Viruses, they will increase the mass and subsequently the virus will be divided into 2 in the direction of the mouse pointer fed.
That way you can "shoot" the virus in heavy bacterium to tear off a slice.

The highlights you can look at the video below.

In this video the player already has a large mass and plays with a dark theme (can be enabled in preferences).


In the comments, you can make anything you think about agar.io